History - History of FINTEX of LONDON

FINTEX of London established
George Pendle established at No.6 Golden Square,from where he built on his American partners’ existing reputation for the finest of cloths for men’s suiting in 1881.
Charles joins FINTEX
In 1889, George Pendol’s son Charles joined FINTEX as well as Huddersfield (Northern England, South-west Yorkshire) who learned for more than 4 years about the woolen trade in time-honoured Yorkshire fashion,studying weaving and all its associated carfts.
A new chairman
In 1906 George Pendle resigned from his post as company chairman and was succeeded by his son Charles.
Devising a Name
In 1913, Charles invented the now common practice of weaving his company name into the selvedge.
FINTEX of LONDON at the time of foundation,1881

FINTEX of LONDON at the time of foundation,1881

Illustration of GOLDEN SQUARE,1881

Illustration of GOLDEN SQUARE,1881

“FINTEX” Registered
In 1921,Charles registered the company of Pendle and Rivett Limited,and also around that time formalised a trade name they had been using: FINTEX. A shortened form of the words“fine texture”.FINTEX was soon became synonymous with the most luxurious cloths. Of course many imitations followed,not only in Great Britain,but in other manufacturing countries.
Registration in Japan
FINTEX was registered in Japan in 1928.
The English exhibition in Argentina
George Pendle II set up a FINTEX booth at the English exhibition in Argentina which was covered by the local media. This exhibition was a great success in making the FINTEX name more known. From the 1920’s to the 1930’s South America was a very important place for FINTEX.
Sales expansion (North and South America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, The Arab nation)
FINTEX expanded by placing shops or having affiliate shops around the world. In North America and South America, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay. In Eastern Europe, Croatia, Romania, and Serbia. In Scandinavian Norway. In the Arab nations of Egypt and Palestine. Finally in Asia, Japan and Hong Kong. Shortly after opening some of the shops, a weakening economy and war caused FINTEX to close its shops in South America and the Arab nations but their presence in the Far East grew stronger and they opened a shop in Korea.
Certificate of trademark registration

Certificate of trademark registration of Japan,1928

Ticket of British Empire Exhibition in Buenos Aires

Ticket of British Empire Exhibition in Buenos Aires,1931

FINTEX store in Zagreb at the time of opening

FINTEX store in Zagreb at the time of opening,1930

George Pendle II assumes the role of Chairman
In 1946, George Pendle II took on the role of Chairman of FINTEX.
Distribution Agreement with Japans Clay Company
To continue the expansion of FINTEX, a distribution agreement with Japans Clay Company was formed.
Distribution Agreement with Hong Kong’s A. Pang Company
FINTEX began selling its products in the beginning of the 1920s in Hong Kong. In 1973, a distribution agreement was formed with Hong Kong’s A. Pang Company.
Roy Bettley-Cooke assumes the role of Chairman
In 1977, after the passing of George Pendle II, the first non-Pendle Chairman of FINTEX was assigned.
Distribution Agreement with Korea’s Hanhyop Trading
Looking to expand their economic reach even further, a distribution agreement with Korea’s Hanhyop Trading was formed.
British Queens Award
FINTEX exports only the finest quality British suit cloth and over 98 percent of its sales going overseas. With exports during 1989 more than double those of the past three years,the Company’s achievements have now been recognized by Her Majesty The Queen in this the Silver Jubilee year of the Awards.
George Pendle II

George Pendle II,1946

The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement

The Queen’s Award for Export Achievement,1990

In 2005, the octagonal design of the FINTEX logo was redesigned.
The revival of the Scotch FINTEX collection
The Scotch FINTEX collection was brought out again for the first time in 20 years. The revival of this collection of jackets added to the already substantial FINTEX line.
The start of a new “English FINTEX New Trend” with the FINTEX collection.
A new collection, labeled “English FINTEX New Trend,” was started. This collection uses trendy colors that were not in the FINTEX line-up until now. Thus, a stylish collection of the utmost quality was born.
The renewal of the FINTEX necktie collection
Continuing their long tradition of high quality, FINTEX renewed their necktie collection in 2007. The handmade silk ties controlled by a master who has been making for decades.
The release of the FINTEX “Finest of the Fine” collection
Super 180’s wool 100% collection was released from the top level of the FINTEX lineup,the “Finest of the Fine”.We only uses highly-selected raw wool from sheep raised on Tasmania.
The start of the FINTEX Shirt Collection
To respond to the need of a suitable shirt to match the suits and neckties in the FINTEX collection, a shirt collection was started.
Distribution Agreement with Singapore’s N.J. Bhagwan & Co.
A distribution agreement with Singapore’s N.J. Bhagwan & Co. was formed. This distribution agreement covers sales in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India and all of Southeast Asia.
Jacketing collection

Jacketing collection of 2006

Collection of quality silk tie

Collection of quality silk tie of 2007

Shirt collection

Shirt collection of 2008

Singapore's agent

Singapore's agent,2008

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