Privacy Policy

FINTEX of LONDON FAR EAST (Hereafter, it is said, "Our company") understands individual information is an important property in today's advanced information and telecommunications society. Our company uses individual information correctly, and work for the safety management.

Law concerning protection of individual information and observance of rule

Our company observes the law and the guideline, etc. concerning the protection of personal information, and take care of individual information properly and safely.

Acquisition of protection of individual information

Our company will inform you of the purpose of use when individual information is acquired from the customer.

Use of protection of individual information

Individual information that our company acquired is not used except the purpose (information of the after-sales service etc. that the commodities, serve, and relate) of which is informed when it is acquired.
Moreover, Our company will not offer or indicate, etc. to the third party without the agreement of the customer, except when providing in the law.

Management of protection of individual information

To keep accuracy and the latest of individual information, to manage safely, and to prevent individual information from losing, falsifying, and leaking, our company does appropriate treatment.

Indication, correction, suspension, and deletion of protection of individual information

Our company will respond appropriately only when indication, the correction, the suspension, and the deletion of individual information are requested from the customer or it can be confirmed that the claim is a person in question.

The final revision day: September 12, 2008

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