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"Escorial Wool suiting"

The new collection is made from Escorial wool as FINTEX of LONON's luxury line of suiting cloth. Escorial wool is finer than cashmere and is known as a precious and luxurious wool. It is also sustainable and traceable under strict control. The Escorial was originally a small sheep raised for royal use in the Escorial monastery of the Spanish royal family in the 16th century. It was thought to have become extinct with the fall of the royal family. The breed was discovered and protected in the 19th century, and today only a few remain in Australia and New Zealand.

Escorial is characterised by a natural curl in the fibre centre, which acts like a spring. This gives the fabric a supple and unique elasticity, which is a key factor in its comfort when tailored into a suit. The result is a supple and uniquely resilient fabric that is comfortable to wear when tailored into a suit, as well as It is a wonderful wool that also gives a beautiful silhouette.

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