FS70600 A 235g/m
FS70601 SOLD OUT 235g/m
FS70602 SOLD OUT 235g/m
FS70603 LIMITED STOCK 235g/m
FS70604 A 235g/m
FS70605 SOLD OUT 235g/m
FS70606 SOLD OUT 235g/m
FS70607 B 235g/m
FS70608 A 235g/m
FS70609 B 235g/m
FS70610 A 235g/m
FS70611 A 235g/m
FS70612 A 235g/m
FS70613 B 235g/m
FS70614 A 235g/m
FS70615 A 235g/m
FS70616 A 235g/m
FS70617 A 235g/m
FS70618 B 235g/m
FS70619 A 235g/m
FS70800 SOLD OUT 230g/m
FS70801 A 230g/m
FS70802 A 230g/m
FS70803 A 230g/m
FS70804 A 230g/m
FS70805 A 230g/m
FS70806 B 230g/m
FS70807 A 230g/m
FS70808 A 230g/m
FS70809 A 230g/m
FS70810 A 230g/m
FS70811 B 230g/m
FS70812 A 230g/m
FS70813 A 230g/m
FS70814 A 230g/m
FS70815 A 230g/m
FS70816 SOLD OUT 230g/m
FS70817 A 230g/m
FS70818 SOLD OUT 230g/m
FS70819 A 230g/m
FS70820 A 230g/m
FS70821 A 230g/m
FS70822 A 230g/m
FS70823 A 230g/m
FS70824 A 230g/m
FS70825 A 230g/m
FS70826 A 230g/m
FS70700 A 240-260g/m
FS70701 A 240-260g/m
FS70702 A 240-260g/m
FS70703 A 240-260g/m
FS70704 A 240-260g/m
FS70705 A 240-260g/m
FS70706 A 240-260g/m
FS70707 A 240-260g/m
FS70708 A 240-260g/m
FS70709 A 270-290g/m
FS70710 A 270-290g/m
FS70711 A 270-290g/m
FS70712 A 270-290g/m
FS70713 A 270-290g/m
FS70714 A 270-290g/m
FS70715 A 240-260g/m
FS70716 A 240-260g/m
FS70717 A 240-260g/m
FS70718 A 270-290g/m
FS70719 A 270-290g/m
FS70720 A 270-290g/m
FS70721 A 270-290g/m
FS70722 A 270-290g/m
FS70723 A 270-290g/m

Suiting cloth for Spring & Summer
100% super 100's wool & super 120's wool

A- High Availability
B- Available in 3.2m lengths. For other metres please ask.
C- Available only in 3.2m lengths

For the lengths listed in the details section,
please ask for availability before placing an order.

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